The visual identity combined with the positioning of your brand

Mar 6, 2023News

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To develop a visual brand identity, you’ll need to articulate the key aspects of your business while connecting to your customers’ needs and emotions. You will also need to assess your competitive environment.

Brand promise


Your brand promise is “what” your company promises to deliver. It describes the value of what you offer the market. This can be framed in product quality, customer support, legacy of experience and success in the market and many other attributes. These are things your brand should convey. You can define your brand promise around:

• Reasons to believe in your brand;
• Problems you solve;
• Scope of operations;
• Unique attributes, what sets you apart.

Core values


Your core values are key to defining qualities that your brand needs to convey. Collectively, these values are what make your company uniquely qualified. Your core values likely revolve around:

• People and personal integrity;
• Processes and efficiency;
• Products and quality;
• Innovation and sustainability.

Value proposition for your brand


Why should your customers choose your brand over the competition? This is you arguing why they should work with you. A value proposition explains how you will help a customer and how that service benefits them. Therefore, your brand proposal must have these values in common:

• Target – who you are communicating with;
• Value – why they should choose you over others;
• Need – how this helps them.

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At Media Force, we create brands that outperform the competition with a market positioning that connects with customers’ needs and emotions. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create and develop an effective brand and unparalleled visual identity. Understand how our visual identity creation development process works here.


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